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The ATLAScraft project is organised by researchers at the University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham, who guided a team of students from several schools in the United Kingdom in recreating parts of the ATLAS detector in Minecraft. The students' creations aim to creatively explain the workings of the ATLAS detector and particle physics research in a fun way, creating a virtual museum dedicated to the ATLAS experiment. Anyone owning the PC/MAC version of the game Minecraft will be able to download and visit the virtual world for free.

I was one of the students that took part in making the project. I was primarily responsible for the Hadronic Calorimeters activity seen within the game and other details around the map. Since the project I have had a long standing relationship with the original creators and completed a major refresh.

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You can download the project here: https://atlascraft.web.cern.ch/atlascraft/content/download.html


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